Why we wait so long before we do scene work…


That’s what happened in class tonight through the Hagen Exercises #7 and #10 as actors trusted that their thoughts,  images, would create full, active life within still silent physicality; actors stepped into the circumstances of the text, accent, socio-economic class, physicality, relationship, want, obstacle and most importantly, action, in creating HATTIE from the play LAUNDRY & BOURBON.

And after a year of intensive study, a year of weekly presentations of Exercise after Exercise, after forging through the challenge, the frustration, of repeating their work again, and again, and again, till there is, finally, deep understanding of the true cause of true behavior: THOUGHT, now, they get to play. Now they work on scenes and monologues. Now, after a year, they finally address text. Why? Why wait so long, when so many other processes, classes, thrust a script into actors’ hands on day one?

Because words are just a form of behavior no different than scratching your head, and no more important, and not more true if not created, humanly, from Thought in Action. We wait this long to work on text because the ‘biz’, the ‘industry’ surrounds actors with falsehood, artificiality, mask, attitude, every superficial gimmick that panders to an unthinking, naive, gulled, and duped audience that knows not David Caruso from Enrico Caruso.

We wait this long because we respect our Art this much because we love life so dearly for it is on life that we build our Art.

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